Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Emily's First Thanksgiving

Here are a bunch of pictures of Emily's first Thanksgiving. Aunt Christi, Uncle Dan, Grandma, and Grandpa were all out visiting. Emily enjoyed having all of the visitors. She turned 9 months on Thanksgiving and we have her check up with the pediatrician this Thursday. Emily tried some turkey and had some sweet potatoes and regular potatoes right from the table. She doesn't do great with chewing pieces of food that aren't really mushy like cooked apples or potatoes, but she loves tasting everything. She is starting to get very interested in everything that everyone else has and this includes food, the phone, and the computer. We're working with her on trying to crawl, but no dice, yet. She kicks her feet around and reaches with her arm, but doesn't get into the crawling position. All of the work trying to get to stuff makes her spin. She rotated herself around close to 180 degrees before she had had enough. She loves to stand and lean against her toys. She's amazing stable.

Enjoy her pictures, they were all taken this past weekend. Her cheek is very red. We're putting cream on it and will ask her doctor about it on Thursday.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inside Out Week

This is a big week in Emily's life. It is Inside Out Week. We will not be turning Emily inside out, but this marks a very important time for Emily. After this week, she has been alive for longer than she was in my tummy while I was pregnant with her. Emily has been alive for about 38 weeks and I had when I was 38 weeks, 1 day pregnant. The pregnancy went so quickly and it seems like Emily has been around and a part of our lives for such a long time that looking at the lengths of her time inside and out is pretty interesting. And, in case anyone is curious, I have not been counting 38 weeks, I get an email from the hospital that has a lot of developmental information in it. It also says how many weeks old Emily is. Yesterday I got the 38 week one. And of course it talks about how to look out for your moving baby. Nope, not ours. She stays in place. No interest at all in moving. She kicks her legs when she's on her tummy, but that's it. No effort at pulling up or anything. We're pretty grateful that she isn't moving because the gates that we ordered haven't been delivered yet and once they come we still need to get them installed. Right now, she can still play on the floor while I take care of little things and I know she'll still be in the same place! :)

We were able to catch a lot of smiles on Emily in the last couple of weeks. This morning (blue outfit) I took a couple of pictures of her and when I said her name to get her attention, she turned, saw the camera and smiled! She didn't smile if the camera wasn't pointing at her. I'm sure it was a fluke, but I think she's a pretty smart little cookie!

The first 2 pictures were taken tonight after Emily's bath when she was in her jammies. She decided that she wanted her new teething ring that was on her high chair tray. She loves to hold things, but her hands were already full with the 2 blocks she was holding. Never fear, she has figured out that she can act like a dog and get things with her mouth. It was hilarious to watch. She also did that when we put Cheerios down when her hands are full. She loves carrying things around. When Greg drops her off at daycare, she carries a block in with her. This morning while she was carrying it, she put it in her mouth, waved it around with her hand, and then tried to put it in Greg's mouth! She knows how much she enjoys chewing and teething on it so she wanted to share with Daddy! He leaves it in her diaper bag at school and I give it to her when I pick her up. If not, she tries to pull my necklace off. The block is crucial for the well being of my jewelry!

We are still waiting on more teeth in Emily's mouth. She is teething pretty hard and was pretty miserable at 4 am last night. It had been a long time since we'd had to get up with her during the night. We want to keep sleeping, so hopefully those top teeth come in soon!

We have a Parent's Breakfast in the Infant Rooms at daycare tomorrow morning. I arranged for another teacher to cover my class so that I can come to school a bit late. Emily wouldn't know the difference, but I do. We're taking the camera, but they told us when she started that they prefer for parent's not to take pictures except on the child's birthday. Maybe Parent's Breakfast is an exception?

Enjoy all of the pictures of Miss Smiley, she's showing off since she knows it's a special week for her!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

8 Months, Playtime, and More Cardinals

Just a few more pictures of Emily. These were taken last weekend when Aunt Jill was visiting and the Cardinals won the World Series! Emily is certainly getting bigger than Cleo the monkey! This week, Emily has really expanded on how much she is talking. She does lots of b sounds and has just started with d's. And, as luck would have it, she says dada. Of course, she isn't saying it to daddy quite yet, just saying it. I'm sure that'll change soon and good ol' mommy will be left in the lurch!

We started Emily on some squash yesterday and she loves it! We're going to start peaches in the middle of the week and then try some meats. She loves eating and gets fussy when she is hungry for food, not for mommy-food. It's pretty funny and impressive watching this change in her. She certainly doesn't nurse as long anymore and when she's done she just stops and starts talking. We can't talk much while she's nursing because she's so nosy and has to stop and look around. She is still a mommy's girl and when she gets home from daycare, she definitely wants and needs some snuggle time with me.

Literally overnight, Emily has gotten better at picking up her cheerios and getting them into her mouth. Not every time, but more often. I guess we should probably look into more finger food, too.

Emily also has a ticklish spot under her neck. It is so funny. We're going to try to catch it on video this afternoon and I'll post it if we do.

Emily the Puppy

Here is Emily's first Halloween! She was such a cute little puppy! She wore her "My First Halloween" onesie to daycare and then was a puppy once she got home. I dressed up for school as a cowgirl, so Emily and I took our picture together before we both rushed out the door.

Last year when I was pregnant with Emily, I told Greg that he would have to leave work early for Emily's first Halloween and get her home when I got home on that day. He had his afternoon cleared, so he picked Emily up at 3 and we all met at home a little before 4. We got Emily all ready in her little puppy costume and walked over to see a few neighbors who know Emily. The kids that were out got a kick out of seeing her. We didn't get as many trick or treaters at our house as we have in other years. Hmmmm.

We went to Target yesterday and got Emily a little pumpkin pail to use to collect her candy in next year. We'll be able to choose her costume again next year, but after that who knows what kind of opinion she'll have about what she wears. Hope you enjoy our little puppy's first Halloween!