Tuesday, March 25, 2008

San Diego, Day 3 - The Zoo!

Emily's stroller at the zoo. Ours broke on the flight out here.

Looking at the tiger (top, a little left of center)

Sitting on a hippo!

Pointing out the hippo's eye

Daddy Panda Bear! (male, Gao Gao)

Baby Panda climbing a tree (Zhen Zhen, 7 months old)

Mommy Panda, Bai Yun, eating bamboo

On top of a polar bear

Trying to climb up on the tall polar bear

Riding the Skyfari

Looking at the elephants

Emily didn't want to be in Daddy's arms, she wanted
to get down and climb the fence!

Up close with Janie the orangutan

Sitting with a gorilla

We had such a great time at the zoo. This was one of our favorite places to go when we lived here and we had a lot of fun taking Emily and showing it all to her. She really enjoyed it all. She loved climbing on the different animal statues that the kids play on. When we would leave each area she would ask for more climb. When we would leave an animal exhibit to go to another, she asked for more animal. When we rode the skyfari, she loved it! We got off and she wanted "more ride." We saw a person dressed as a koala bear and Emily loved patting him. Wouldn't you know, when we walked away, she wanted more! In our book, that means the trip to the zoo was most definitely a success for Emily.

The animals were really active and except for the Polar Bears, we saw all of them doing a lot of stuff. The polar bears were asleep. We hit most areas of the zoo, except for the Children's Zoo and had a lot of fun. We got Emily back for a late nap and I went to buy us a new stroller. Hopefully her high reviews of the skyfari ride and seeing the person sized koala will be good for our days at Legoland and Disney later this week.

San Diego, Day 2 - The Beach

La Jolla Shores

Emily found a rock in the sand!

By the water

Daddy and Emily after de-sanding

We took Emily to the beach on Sunday. She was excited about going and kept talking about the beach until I took her shoes off and set her down in the sand. And then she didn't like it. We sat her on my lap and tried to show her how cool sand was and she wasn't interested. She cried and screamed about it for about 10 minutes before warming up to the idea. I was finally able to set her down and she helped us dig for rocks and make sand piles. When we took her down to show her the water, she freaked out about having her feet in the sand. So, we made progress on the beach thing, but she isn't super in to it quite yet.

The outfit that she has on was sent to her by Grandma and Grandpa for Easter. It is adorable. The back is a little wide for our petite girl, so I used Grandma's suggestion from last summer about using a ribbon to tie through the straps. It worked perfectly on this and kept the straps on her shoulders.

We only stayed at the beach for an hour or so and then got lunch (La Salsa) and gave Emily a nap. We met Ben and family, who Greg used to work for, for dinner and then went with them to Extraordinary Desserts for dessert. Yum. We even got Emily a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is a pretty big event for her!

San Diego, Day 1

Funny Face

We left for San Diego on Saturday morning. It was a long day of travel and Emily did great. She didn't sleep at all until we finally got our rental car after being up for about 12 hours. She snoozed a bit on the drive down to our hotel. We decided to take her to a playground near where we used to live. Our tax money built it, but without a kid there we never got to use it. So now we did!

Emily loved the playground. She isn't a climber at all and has difficulty walking up stairs, but it must have been the delirium of traveling, because she climbed and did the stairs with a little bit of help like a champ. And she loved the playground, so much more than the ones we have near us at home.

After the playground, we got dinner at Pat and Oscar's, one of our favorites in our old neighborhood. Then we got Emily down for an early bedtime.

Playtime and Babies

Baby is holding Emily's farm magnets from the fridge

Emily gave Baby Molly. Very generous of her to share her beloved friend.

Opening her Easter gift from Grandma and Grandpa

Emily loves to take her bib out of the cabinet and put it on baby in the high chair.

Emily's St. Patrick's Day hat

Helping me cook dinner

All accessorized, Emily has her rain boots on, with her doctor's stethoscope, all while still wearing her footie pj's.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Boxes and Babies

Emily had a lot of fun playing in a big box at home. The box provided days of entertainment!