Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Last Friday was Emily's first birthday! She had a fun day. She went to daycare and they made a pink crown for her with her name on it out of construction paper. Emily wore it a couple of times during the day. Greg and I both left work early and got to daycare in time for snacktime. We brought cupcakes and it was so neat seeing an infants class at snack time. There were 8 kids there and they were all so well behaved. The younger ones sat in their low high chairs and the older ones sat at a little table. The kids all had a drink on their trays and got cheerios and fruit. Then they gave each kid a cupcake. They were so funny. Some dug right in and one little girl just poked it with her finger until a teacher cut it and she picked up the pieces. Emily kept touching the icing and then made a mess of the cupcake itself. None of the kids had any complaints over the cupcakes. After they were done, they took them one by one to the kid sink and helped them wash their hands and faces. We tried to put Emily's crown on, but she hated it. She screamed when it got close to her and even if one of us wore it from across the room. Silly girl.

We all went home and got to open some of Emily's birthday gifts that she'd gotten from us and other family. Emily got a lot of neat things and now has lots of books to read, some new clothes to wear, more bath toys, and a toy vacuum to help us clean the house. Her favorite toy so far seems to be a ride on corn popper. Her eyes just light up when she gets on and we push her and she smiles the whole time. It's continued to be a favorite this week.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Like Mommy, like Emily, and other pictures

Emily and I dressed alike one day without meaning to. I was all ready for work and went in to get her in the morning. I fed her and got her changed and picked out the exact same colors for her to wear as I was wearing. I didn't even notice it until Greg mentioned it as we were eating breakfast. We both had tan cordoroy's on and I had a lavendar sweater and Emily had a lavendar shirt. We weren't together most of the day so people didn't notice, but she had a dermatologist appointment at the end of the day and the doctor commented about it. Too funny.

Emily is getting to be so good at standing up. She loves to be up, just hasn't figured out how to get herself there. She is just starting to bounce and will bounce from sitting to her knees. She walks really well holding on to our hands or on to her walking push toy. She can go back and forth in the room a bunch of times. She is starting to let go of whatever she is holding on to and will stand by herself for a few seconds and then will grab back on to whatever she was holding. Emily has skipped crawling and pulling up and is doing more advanced gross motor skills. It stumps her pediatrician, but since she continues to make progress, she isn't concerned. Emily goes for her 1 year check up on March 1, but will see a different doctor this time.

Snow Fun

Here are Emily's snow pictures. A couple of weeks ago when snow was predicted we put Emily in her snow man sweater for school and let her play with our stuffed snowman. She looked so cute. We also got a couple of Cleo pictures with her. The snowman on the sweater (when you can see it) looks just like the stuffed one.

Then, we finally got some snow/ice on Valentine's Day. Schools were closed so I was able to stay home with Emily and Greg took a short day at work. In the late afternoon, we took her outside for a few minutes to try out her sled. You can't fully tell by the pictures, but she loved it. She just smiled and smiled and laughed as we got to the bottom of the hill. It was really cold out, but that didn't bother her. She could barely move in the jacket that she had on and all of her other warm stuff. Next year we'll have to get a pair of snow boots so she can play in the snow.

We we get little bits of snow they collect it at Emily's day care and put it in their discovery table for the babies to play with. They give them toys to play with in the snow and the kids have a great time with it. The first time they did it with Emily was at the beginning of the month and they said that Emily just kept standing there for the longest time. The other kids were all done and she was still playing. I bet she had cold hands by then.

Boxes are fun!

Emily has had the chance to play and discover the fun of a good box recently. A couple of weeks ago I tried setting her in an empty diaper box when she was a little cranky. She loved it! So she played in there for a bit. Yesterday, Greg was going through some old financial stuff while I ran an errand and Emily scooted over to the box and was apparently quite interested in the stuff inside. Maybe we have a future number/math girl on our hands!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Smiley Happy Girl

Here is a very happy Emily. I finally posted a bunch of pictures that we've taken over the last couple of weeks of Emily, so make sure you go all the way down through the posts to see everything. A lot are just our day to day activities, but I think she looks nice and cute. Enjoy catching up on what we've been up to, she's at such a fun age right now.


Emily is such a splasher in the bathtub. She loves taking a bath and has such fun in there. She will splash across the bathroom and get everyone all wet. She will soak her face and hair without me doing anything. I have started using a towel and laying it over me when the splashing is at it's worst so that I don't look like I just got out of the tub, too.


We gave Emily a waffle for breakfast last weekend and she loved it! If waffles are one of her favorite breakfast foods, then she takes after Mommy on something! She is a very independent eater and is only letting us feed her a small amount of babyfood. I don't mind it, except it takes her so long to eat that if I can feed her some babyfood then at least I know that she's getting enough food in. Some days it looks like the whole meal is in her bib or her lap. Her favorite foods right now are deli turkey, cheese, sweet potatoes in dices, apple or pear dices, waffles, peas, little carrot pieces, and of course Cheerios! We are starting to try to feed her more of what we're eating if we eat at the same time that she does. And she loves having some water after she eats. Emily gets so excited when we fill her cup up with the water from the refrigerator dispenser. We have to watch her to make sure the water gets swallowed or dried up, she loves to make a little fountain with it and it soaks her clothes!


This is what it looks like most nights as we do bedtime for Emily. Depending on her mood or whether she had a bath that night or not, some nights she starts in her pj's when we come into her room. When we come in, Daddy reads Emily a story or 2. Every now and then I read one of them, but most of the time I get to sit and listen or put away some of Emily's laundry. Emily usually starts out listening and looking intently. She loves to grab at the book and turn the pages. Then she moves herself so that she is lying across Greg and will put her thumb in her mouth. It doesn't matter how often Greg moves her back, Emily moves across Daddy like in the pictures. It must be comfy for her. After her story, she usually stands up at the ottoman and plays for a few minutes. She loves to stand there. Then we change her diaper and put her jammies on if they aren't already. Then a bit of a nursing from me and into bed. Recently, she has started fussing a bit when she's done nursing. She knows that she's tired and settles down as soon as she gets in her crib. How funny, we've been fortunate enough that Emily has a positive view of sleeping and her crib and she is thrilled to go down when she is tired. And then it is off to dreamland till the morning!

Mommy's Birthday

I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and had such a good time on my first "Mommy Birthday!" Greg baked a delicious cake and our friends came up from PA and surprised me at dinner. Emily helped me open my presents and loved playing with the wrapping paper and bows. I think she'll have fun on her birthday in a few weeks.