Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shoe Fun

On the couch, putting shoe onStill working to get it on right

Climbing back up because it didn't stay on

Trying to get the shoe on while standing

Gave up, who needs 2 shoes?
One day this week, Emily was having a time getting her Crocs on her feet. She got the one foot, no problem, but the other foot, she just couldn't get the back strap around her foot. So she'd get up on the couch, put it on the front, get down, try to slide her foot the rest of the way in, but it would come out so she'd climb back up and repeat. I don't know how many times I watched her go through this process, but it was over and over until I finally took out the camera and captured one of the cycles. She wasn't frustrated at all and didn't want any help. I think she had fun with it! After a bit, she decided that the 2nd shoe wasn't worth it and went without!

More Fun

Emily gave Daddy one of her Molly's and kept one for herself and they both pretended to sleep on the floor! There is a third Molly to Emily's left.

At the BIG Toys R Us in Times Square
Cool Dinosaur!

Getting ready for a snack at her picnic table (inside due to rain)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Magic House

Playing in the sand
Playing with the BIG Legos 
Playing with the water

Our hair standing on end

Grandy's Hair
We took Emily to the Magic House today in St. Louis.  It is a great children's museum here in St. Louis.  First we started with an area called "A Little Bit of Magic" for kids 1-6.  Emily had a really fun time in there and got to play with tennis balls going down a series of ramps, a big doll house, a big impressions thing, as well as the sand table, water table, and big legos.  There were probably a few other things that I've forgotten in that area.  True to Emily, she took several minutes to warm up at each different activity, but then would get really into it and we'd have to convince her that it was time to move on.  There was also a fun Children's Village with a pretend grocery store, a pizza restaurant and all of the other things that a village would have.  We didn't play in that for too long, but it was neat to look at and I know she'll enjoy it as she gets older.

After awhile we went upstairs and found the electrostatic ball.  By holding your hand on it, it makes your hair stand on end.  I went first with her in my arms and she didn't seem to mind the feeling of her hair standing up, but got very, very upset when she looked at me and my hair was standing on end.  Her hair stood up great and we ended up getting our picture taken and put onto a magnet for the fridge at home.  After we left that area, Emily couldn't take her hands off of my hair and kept patting it and talking about how it had been funny.  She was rather confused about the whole thing.  She was ready to leave shortly after, maybe the trauma of the hair, maybe we'd just done enough.  There is also a picture of Grandy looking like a crazy woman with her hair on end!  :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Swimming in St. Louis

Emily has had a lot of fun playing in the pool while we've been here.  It took her a bit to get fully acclimated to it, but today we let her go in it this afternoon and then again tonight right after dinner.  She fully got into tonight and stopped just standing and occasionally kneeling and started sitting and then scooting around the pool on her belly.  She had a great time and kept dumping cupfuls of water on her head.  There are a bunch of pictures, but once she really started having fun, we got some good shots.

The Playground and Playing in St. Louis

At the Playground

Playing in the Fountain

Playing with Poppy
Reading at bedtime with Grandy
Emily and I are in St. Louis right now without Daddy.  We've been to the playground several times, but it is a bit too fancy and not great for Emily.  It looks really cool, but it lacks some of the tunnels and bouncy bridges that she really likes.  And it is all in the sun.  They do have a splash playground with a bunch of fountains that I thought Emily would love, but she was a bit unsure of it.  I got soaked, though, and I wasn't prepared for that!  We might try another park in another day or 2 to find one that she does better at.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sand Box

The sand box, Crabbie

Carrying out the new toys

And now the fun begins...

Emily only likes the big swing now!

We finally got Emily a sandbox last night. We have talked about it, but the store has been sold out on previous attempts to get one. Emily was in bed when Greg brought it home so we put it out in the backyard for her. This morning I had her shades opened in her room and suggested that she look out the window, there might be something new in the backyard. She was still in her crib so she stood up and noticed "Crabbie" right away. She knew that it was a sandbox and was so excited. (Kay must have had the same sand box). She didn't get up until close to 8, but we were both dressed and outside after breakfast around 9. She played for over an hour in the sandbox before she even thought about climbing out. Then we played on the swings for a bit. This is already proving to be a good investment for her. I have a feeling we'll be outside playing in the sand a lot this summer!

Fun at Home

Emily loving her Elmo Slippers
Crawling through the tunnel I made out of towels, the couch, and coffee table

Leaning over the tunnel

The Baby Shower

We hosted a baby shower for Scott and Adrianne. Here are a few of the things that we did.

The Diaper Cake
Chocolates that were for favors, the feet have oreos in them!

Emily right before the shower

Some of the setup outside

The Onesie Project!