Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Haircut

I took Emily for a haircut today, but you can't see much of a difference. Everyone thought she was ready for one so I finally relented, but the stylist said that bangs won't be good on her yet. All of her hair falls forward right now so it would be a lot of hair to cut and probably won't give us the look that we want. Once her hair gets longer we will be able to keep it to the side better. She did get a trim of everything, but it was just a very little bit taken off to help the hair grow. I also posted the little certificate that Emily got of her first hair cut. There is a little bag attached that has her little strands of hair in it.

Emily did great, she sat in a police car chair and played with the steering wheel, her keys and looked at everything going on. They had the tv on for her right in front of her, but she wasn't really interested in it.

Today at daycare she got to play with oatmeal and water in the discovery table. She must have made quite a mess because her clothes had been changed when I picked her up. And on her daily report it said that she stayed at the table the entire time they had it out. Each of her teachers have commented about her attention span at different times. I guess she has a long one for a 15 month old.

Emily's last day of daycare is tomorrow. We'll certainly miss her teachers and all of the fun that she has there. Her teachers have taken great care of her like she was their own. Emily starts having Grandma and Grandpa here visiting and then Grandy (and later Poppy) will watch her. She's going to be one spoiled little girl when I get off for the summer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sleep, Zoo, and the Red Sox

Sleepy Em and Daddy

The first picture is from one day last week. Emily had a bad cold and cough and had woken up around 4:30am crying and not feeling well. Daddy and Emily fell back to sleep while I was busy emailing in sub plans so that I could stay home. Emily has only fallen asleep once or twice in our bed ever so this was a very rare occurence. One moment she was sitting up half playing and the next she had fallen over, asleep! Even though she didn't have a fever, we kept her home from daycare to let her relax and catch up on some sleep. You could tell when the Motrin wore off because she got cranky until it kicked back in again. She felt much better that evening and went back to school the next day.

We went to the zoo with our friends over the weekend. We enjoyed seeing the animals, but Emily was more focused on the other people around us! She did get to get up close to a lion and she thought that was pretty darn cool!

As alwyas, Emily is still a Red Sox fan, after the Cards, of course! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We took these pictures of Emily this weekend. The top ones (blue dress) were from today. We've been trying to put her in the dress for a couple of weeks now, but the weather each day I've planned on her wearing it has been too cold for it. Today was also too cold for it, so she just wore it inside for awhile. It's tough getting good pictures of her these days because she is always on the move and looking this way and that!

The other pictures on the swingset were taken yesterday. She just looks so grown up to me these days!

For Mother's Day, we took a hike in an area where General Washington and his troops spent several winters during the American Revolution. We'll hopefully do some more hiking and take Emily back there again. Emily (and Daddy) gave me 2 books, one on hiking here with children and the other on different areas of the Jersey Shore. We'd like to go down there this summer. Greg also made me a yummy dinner of steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob. He also baked a chocolate raspberry cake for Mother's Day.

Emily is adding to her vocabulary daily. The words that we hear the most are boom, uh oh, and she loves to say hi. This morning she was playing on the floor and Greg and I both heard her say "ABC." In all of her blabbing, we've never heard something that sounded like that before. Of course, she hasn't repeated it. Maybe all of our singing of the ABC's has gotten in her head!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sleepy Girl

Emily hasn't been getting quite enough sleep these days at daycare so she often seems tired at home. They try at daycare, but Emily won't settle down to sleep, she much prefers to talk and stand up. She generally only gets 1-1.5 hours of nap time at school and she needs a bit more. When she is tired, she has started putting her head down on her big Cleo Monkey when she is playing in the living room. Tonight I got a picture of her curled up. She does it for a minute with her thumb in her mouth and then she pops up and starts playing again. A couple of other times she has put her head down in my lap when I'm on the floor with her and yesterday put her head down right on the kitchen floor. Poor sleepy girl. Tonight she'd had her bath which is why she was in her pj's, but hadn't had dinner yet.

Emily only has another 2 weeks left of daycare and then hopefully will be able to get some better sleep at home as well as lots of playtime with her grandmas until school gets out for me for the summer.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Big Shoes

Just a couple of pictures of Emily. Emily had a bit of fun playing with Daddy's shoes a week ago. His big size 13 shoes are pretty heavy, but she managed to pick them up and hold them up. We have to remind her not to put them in her mouth, ewwww. Then just a couple of other pictures of Emily playing.

She cut 3 teeth in the last week. The third and fourth bottom teeth and her first molar! She handled the teething surprisingly well, especially considering she got 3 teeth basically at once. This brings her grand total of teeth to 9!

She's a champion at pulling up, it won't be long before she is (finally) ready to walk!

More Crawling

More crawling from Miss Emily! She is speedy these days! She looks a bit shaggy, we'd just gotten back from a short bike ride with her so didn't have anything in her hair because of the helmet. Enjoy the video!