Friday, April 20, 2007

Becoming a Busybody...

Somebody has turned into little miss busybody recently!

School was cancelled for me on Monday due to flooding from the Nor'easter that hit on Sunday. We were perfectly in the clear, but the town that I teach in had some problems and one of the schools was being used as a shelter. While Emily and I did some chores around the house, she decided she wanted to "help" with the laundry. Her laundry basket was out so I finally put her in it for pictures. She thought it was great fun!

The next day after school, Emily crawled over to a pile of newspapers that were going to go down for recycling. She started picking the pile apart and handing papers and sections to me one by one. She seemed most interested in the ads so I'm not sure if she's already showing an interest in shopping or showing off her academic side with the newspaper. More likely answer is that it was fun to take the paper apart and crawl around on it. After that she pulled up on the railing. We're finally starting to see her pull up a bit more.

Yesterday, I had Emily sitting in our room while I got changed after work. She's not in there too often so she easily entertains herself exploring. Today she found tbe bookshelf that had my Red Sox hat sitting on it. She pulled it down and kept putting it up to her head. Smart girl, she knew it was supposed to go on her head. I finally put it on for her and she got such a kick out of it! She seems to be following Uncle Nathan's wishes (or brain washing from when we visited him) and is a young Red Sox fan. Later today she found another hat and tried to put it on her head. When she has a comb, she puts it up to head and tries to comb. It's so impressive how quickly she picks this stuff up now.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Emily's new gear

We are getting Emily ready to head out on the bike with us. She has an adorable little helmet and we picked up the bike trailer today. We're having some awful weather right now so it'll be at least a week until we ride, but probably a couple of weeks till we get out for any type of substantial inaugural ride. She seemed to enjoy sitting in the trailer in the family room, though she doesn't love the helmet quite as much yet. We'll be sure to post after we hopefully take her out for a little spin around the neighborhood next weekend.

The last picture is Emily's newly painted rocking chair. I'm still doing a little design on the back part, but we let her try it out!

Our trip to Dallas and other going ons

We had a great trip to Dallas to visit Aunt Jill and Uncle Nathan and Frisco over one weekend of my spring break. The flight to and from big D was relatively uneventful, in part because Emily was in her car seat in her own seat. We put her food on a plate and held it for her and she ate well at mealtime on the plane, it was really cute. Emily always seems to take a good day to get used to a new place to sleep and Dallas was no exception. Once she got into the swing, she did well, but we were fortunate that the time change was only an hour.

I worked hard to find warm weather clothes for Emily in her current size. She hasn't grown quite as much as I had anticipated early on when I shopped ahead for summer clothes so they are still a bit big right now and I don't have any summer stuff in her current size. Thanks to the goodwill of a few neighbors and friends, I pulled together a few summer outfits for Emily so we could bask in the Dallas heat of springtime. Well, Mother Nature was out to get me, it was cold when we were there. One day the high was 45 and the others were just a few degrees warmer. We might as well have been home where it was warmer most of the time (except we wouldn't have gotten to see Jill and Nathan). Fortunately I had seen the weather forecast and brought appropriate clothes for Emily, but the stuff that I borrowed was really cute and now she likely won't wear it!

Emily and Frisco got along, but Emily generally was nonchalent about the dog. She did say doggie when she saw her outside. She was a bit timid at petting Frisco, but with Greg's help she did it and thought it was funny. We loved the top picture that Greg took of Emily and Frisco looking outside. Look at the size difference between my little 13 month old and the big dog!

I think the highlight of the trip for Emily was playing on Aunt Jill's drumset. She loved sitting on the stool and dragging the drum sticks across the drums. It was a hazardous activity for us because we had to look out for when she waved the sticks around. This could be a loud hobby, so hopefully as Emily gets older she gets her drum fulfillment when we visit TX.

We've been back to work this week. Emily re-transitioned back to daycare without a problem. Her teachers always comment on how she never has a problem starting back after a vacation.

Other Emily developments: Emily loves to say ball, block, book, and mama. She said monkey a few mornings ago when we got her up and asked her about her monkeys in her crib. She hasn't repeated that agan, though. Emily really likes to try to repeat what we say, but it is only a one time thing and we don't hear most of the words again (or we can't understand them when we hear them again, which is probably more likely). Emily still talks up a storm all of the time. Emily really understands what we say and will pick up a toy that we ask for or give it to the right person. We can ask her to splash in the bathtub, too. It is usually Greg who asks her to make big splashes and then I get all wet.

Emily is continuing to crawl around a lot. She has pulled up a few times, but isn't doing it consistently. She also is much more content to be on the floor than standing. She used to prefer to stand all of the time. We're still waiting on those first steps, but I have a feeling we still have some time.

Emily feels that she is an equal to us. If we eat something, she has to eat the same thing and it needs to come from one of our plates. If I get the same food ready for her on a separate plate and put it on her high chair tray she won't eat it! She whines and points to our food and then happily eats that. If she starts a meal before we sit down, she gets upset in the middle because she needs food from our plate. So, we all either sit down together and give her food from our plate (though, we're starting to get good at faking her food from our plate) or she eats before we sit down so there is no problem. We went out for seafood on Saturday night and Emily tasted some tilapia.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Emily's Swingset

Emily got quite the treat last night. After Greg and I slaved for several days assembling her swing set, she got to go outside and play on it! We chose the perfect swing set for Emily to get started on. There is a small climbing area and it is only a few feet off of the ground. There is enough space on the landing for her to play for a bit and 2 swings for her and a friend. Emily loved it! She can't climb yet, but loves to stand at the top. There is a little steering wheel that she holds on to and looks through the slats on it. We are trying to show her how to turn around and walk over to the other side and sit down to go down the slide. She does it pretty well holding on to our hands. We've had her sliding down the slide holding our hands, too, and she can get some pretty good speed going! She stands right up when she gets to the bottom.

We got a toddler swing so that Emily can swing to her heart's content. She loves the swing! She holds on to the front of it while she is swinging. If she wants to make the bold move of adjusting her hands to the rope area, she is very cautious about it while the swing is moving. I'm sure one of these days she'll get a little more relaxed about that, but the look on her face as she goes back and forth is great! The pictures show her in full motion.