Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Biking and Hiking

After the ride

Emily on Greg's back on the trail

Emily and Mommy in the field

We had a great time this past weekend with lots of great outdoor, summer activities. On Saturday, we had signed up to do a bike ride in Princeton. The weather looked questionable, in fact, we wondered if we were just going to pick up our free t-shirts and turn back around and drive home, but it wasn't raining so we decided to do the ride. Instead of the 35 mile ride, we did the 20, and did about 24 miles with Emily. She enjoyed it and was the talk of the ride. Having a trailer attached to a tandem makes a pretty long bike, so that also got a lot of talk and comments. We finished the ride just in time and after we got the bike loaded up and were about 10 minutes (driving) from the ride, the skies opened up and it rained really hard. It's hard to say if we would have gotten wet on the route, but we were glad to be nice and dry in the car.

On Sunday, we decided to go out for a bit of a hike. We haven't taken Emily hiking yet this summer and she was excited to see the backpack and get in for a ride. It was an easy trail and paved, but perfect for us on Sunday. We stopped by a pond for a snack and then turned around and did the same route back. On the way back, we saw a snake shedding it's skin while we were on a little bridge above a creek (the snake was in the creek). I'm not a snake fan, so we were glad that we were 4 feet above it, but it was interesting to watch. We still need to get Emily out on one of the non-paved trails that we like sometime this summer/fall.